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(ZenDoKen) Body Movement Sculpture / 10 sessions / online coaching

300,00 €

(curl up)
The first step in our practice is to hold the tree posture, known as standing Zen. Then we descend into the sitting Zen posture. The step is then worked in a compact manner. Any swaying is consequential.

(bell clanging)
With a Japanese wooden sword, a cane, or an empty hand, we begin the resonance of movement. Short sequences (the minimal alphabet of sabre practice) enable you to find different possible notches.

(median body)
Frequency work allows you to experience true centering through rest.The body is not erect like a column. The body is firmed on the waistline, and sent both downwards (feet) and upwards (head): animals are propelled from the junction between the spinal cord and the pelvis.

Other body logics enable us to work on the axes of spin and release after having worked on the hoisted axis of gathering and unfolding.


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