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MM - Martial Meditation (Nei Gong) / 10 sessions / online guiding

300,00 €

Based on internal martial arts, to work in a body discipline, we can refine our learning by breaking down/composing our knowledge as a body language, to clearly and durably draw letters (postures - still or with a single overall movement), then words (sequences of letters that seem coherent to us), then phrases (sequences of movement passes) then texts (complete traversal of a given event and physical environment).
If you work in this way, as we suggest, you'll be able to write in your art as well as read, in your art, or in any other art, from an internal silence.

The aim of this program is so to transmit mastered sequences of Nei Gong (standing and moving internal work - derived from the internal martial arts).

You can share these sessions with as many people as you like, and share the total cost with your group, who will follow the sessions online.


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