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MC - Chan Meditation (Chinese Zen) - 10 sessions - online coaching

300,00 €

This is the practice of Chan (Chinese Zen).

We introduce you to the very simple practice of Buddhist Chan / Zen meditation, as a technical method for accessing spirituality.

Spirituality crosses many of the world's religious fields, and is not reducible to them. Spirituality is the discovery of an ever-repeating range between the most ethereal and the most material elements.

Here will be the elements that prepare each individual for autonomous practice (posture, mindfulness, concentration, contemplation, realization, awakening - meditation materials).

We follow the framework of the internet platform and the book Exploring Chan - under the authority of Chuan Zhi, an American Chan Buddhist.

This is the path we're exploring, so that everyone can organize their own practice.

You can share these sessions with as many people as you like, and share the total cost with your group, who will follow the sessions online.


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